RNFT Token Destroyed Information Disclosure

RNFT team has transfered the following Tokens to OEC Blackhole Address!

Amount of RNFT Destroyed:50209903.04 RNFT

Time of RNFT Destroyed:UTC(+0) 13:00 PM 2rd Oct

RNFT Transfered to Blackhole Address(BSC):0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001

Token Destroyed Hash Value(BSC):


ReNFT official website: http://www.renft.org/
ReNFT Twitter: https://twitter.com/renft_protocol
Audit report: https://www.renft.org/pdf/RNFT_audit.pdf
Medium: https://renft-shards-protocol.medium.com

International community https://t.me/renft_protocol



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ReNFT Shards Protocol

ReNFT Shards Protocol


ReNFT is a multi-chain modular combination subsystem targeting NFT liquidity.