😃 Cross-Chain Tutorial(Chinese Version ):https://www.yuque.com/docs/share/ac82082d-2c0c-4a89-9fb4-7cbead9801b4?#

Ⅰ. Preparatory Works:

  1. “Metamask” wallet
  2. To Make sure there are sufficient “BNB” and “OKT”in your metamask wallet,these tokens will be paid for the cross-chain GAS Fee
  3. Buy a little “FSN”( about 1–2 USDT ) in gate.io and transfer FNS to Metamask wallet to pay Fusion Infra-Cross Chain Gas Fee

FSN Trading Page :https://www.gateio.ch/trade/FSN_USDT

Ⅱ. Import Your Seed Phrase to Chainge Wallet

2. Click “More”&“Account type”

3. “Switch to experts account mode”

4. “Confirm”&”Proceed”

5. “Import an existing wallet”

6. Import your “metamask” seed phrase here.

Ⅲ. Add & Check RNFT TOKEN

2. Fill in the blank, Add “RNFT”

3. Check the “RNFT” asset

4. Click here, you can check “RNFT” assets on different chains

Ⅳ. Transfer RNFT From OEC to BSC

2. Click”Payments”

3. Click”Send Assets”

4. “Input amount” and click “send”

5. Click”To an address”, Paste “your own address”, click”BSC”, click”Pay Now”

6. Enter your password

7. Your order has been placed

8. Now, you have successfully transfered RNFTs from OEC to BSC chain!

ReNFT is a multi-chain modular combination subsystem targeting NFT liquidity.