ReNFT Cross-Chain Tutorial

Ⅰ. Preparatory Works:

  1. Download “Chainge” wallet here:
  2. “Metamask” wallet
  3. To Make sure there are sufficient “BNB” and “OKT”in your metamask wallet,these tokens will be paid for the cross-chain GAS Fee
  4. Buy a little “FSN”( about 1–2 USDT ) in and transfer FNS to Metamask wallet to pay Fusion Infra-Cross Chain Gas Fee

Ⅱ. Import Your Seed Phrase to Chainge Wallet

  1. “Start with phone number”&”Verify your number”

Ⅲ. Add & Check RNFT TOKEN

1. Click

Ⅳ. Transfer RNFT From OEC to BSC

1. Click”Receving address”, click “BSC”, click”Copy Address”



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ReNFT Shards Protocol

ReNFT Shards Protocol

ReNFT is a multi-chain modular combination subsystem targeting NFT liquidity.