Re-NFT Artist Talk # 10

Guest & Artist:MI YAO
Interviewer & Re-NFT Curator:Eric De Carlo

Q: First, can you introduce yourself here ?

A: My name is Yao, I studied painting and calligraphy in an art school, but after graduation, I was engaged in the Internet work by chance. Once worked in China’s largest Internet media platform — Bytedance, accumulated rich DE Internet knowledge and technology. I also worked on digital currency in 2018. Now, I am combining Internet technology with traditional art to explore the field of digital painting.

Q: How did you learn about the NFT and Crypto art, where and when.

A: In the last few months, I got to know it through the recommendation links posted by friends in the art community.

Q: Do you think your artistic creation is in line with the recognition of the NFT art filed? Or I can change the question, do you think there is a fixed look for NFT art?

A: I have just started to get involved in FNT art, and the number of NFT works I have created is not large. However, I will devote more energy to the development, research and creation of more NFT art works in the future.

I don’t think NFT art has a fixed look, nor should it. The essence of NFT should be to be innovative, inclusive and take on more forms.

Q: NFT Art is obviously a brand new art track. Do you think “NFT Art” has an impact on “Existing Art” ?

A: In my opinion, NFT art is an innovative art form that will coexist with traditional art in the later stage. However, perhaps thousands of years later, when human beings enter a paperless society, the value of NFT art will be more prominent.

For example, in the past, advertising drawings, posters, architectural designs and other drawings were all hand-drawn, but now they are all electronic drawings. Cinematography and hand-over photography have also been updated and iterated. The field of art design has shifted from the era of hand-drawing to the era of digital drawing.

Q: Can you explain your work? It is best that you send here some of your works, for example, more intuitive.

A: In February 2021, the Wengding Wa Village, the last primitive tribe in China, was destroyed by fire. The work is a record of the mistress of the castellan.

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