Re-NFT Activity Ending Summary and Q&A


In the test during 29th of May to 5th of June, there were around 4000 people joined the activity. We are grateful to the participants of their support to the ReNFT event. The following are the Q&A for the frequently asked questions.

  1. When will the Airdrop be released?

Airdrop will be released before ReNFT lising on exchange, please stay tuned for details on ReNFT’s Twitter.

2. When will I know if I’m eligible for IDO?

The IDO qualification address will be announced in Medium on 10th of June.

3. When will be the official launch for ReNFT?

ReNFT has finished all the work for the official launch and will choose a time when the market is doing well to complete the launching.

4. When will the Token Contract Address published?

The Token Contract Address will be published on the third day after the launch of ReNFT.

5. When will the Contract Security Audit Report published?

The Contract Security Audit Report has already finished, ReNFT will upload the code on the day of launching to Github. The official website will also publish the Contract Security Audit Report.

ReNFT is a multi-chain modular combination subsystem targeting NFT liquidity.